As a published author , writer, researcher Stuart Mullins with the award winning author Alan Whiticker have written three best selling publications.

  1. The Satin Man. Uncovering the Mystery of the missing Beaumont Children.Best seller 2013 2015 2017 and 2018 
  2. Searching for the Beaumont Children 2006
  3. Joe Bugner. My Story.The only heavy weight to go the distance on two occasions with the greatest Muhammed Ali. 

The Satin Man Uncovering the Mystery of the missing Beaumont Children.

Authors Allan Whiticker with Stuart Mullins first published  this book in 2013 and a new updated edition 2015 , 2016 and out again in August 2017 2018 all best selling .

The Beaumont Children disappearance is Australia’s most baffling crime .And One of the worlds most baffling abductions/crime. A fifty two  year old children abduction mystery.

The Satin Man Book is revised and updated. Why ?

New very important information has been added to the Satin Man now in it’s 6th publication which is out again in the last quarter 2017 – information that points further toward the Satin Man Harry Phipps .

Why does this book keep selling ?

There are just too many co incidences to be ignored any longer. Overwhelming Co Incidences that are occurring regularly right up until mid 2017. These co incidences indicate the Satin Man may very well been involved in the disappearance in the Beaumont Children.

The Satin Man Harry Phipps as of 2018 is now a person of interest to Major Crime South Australian Police. Only the 5th person of interest in the 52 years of the case


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Searching for the Beaumont Children

Co Researcher and Forwarder with Author Alan Whiticker  These first book regarding theBeaumont Children 

Beaumont ChildrenThe great question asked by many over the years world wide : ” What happened to the Beaumont Children?”  How can three children go missing from Colley Reserve Glenelg Beach in 1966 and never be seen again? The disappearance of 3 children has never happened  before or since in Australia or across the globe .Why Adelaide?.

Stuart has also assisted in other publications with Allan: The Wanda Beach Murders, The Jimmy Barnes story and “Glory Days, The Story of South Sydney’s Golden Era”

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Joe Bugner My Story

Stuart Mullins writer. Alan Whiticker Editer 

Joe Bugner book cover in PDF.pdf

He was the man Muhammad Ali couldn’t knock out and couldn’t knock down.He faced Cooper, Smokin Joe Frazier, Wepner, Lyle, Ellis Shavers and Bruno in the ring. He survived press condemnation, a rocky marriage  and a colorful film career.And at 48 years of age he became the oldest heavy weight champion of the world.

This is the story of Joe Bugner,one of the most controversial, fascinating and inspiring personalities in sports history.

From childhood beginnings in Hungary and an escape to England after the 1956 Soviet Invasion, he arrived in the UK with barely the clothes on his back and tattered shoes on his feet. Bugner would become an imposing six foot four challenger winning multiple British and European heavy weight titles and ranking amongst the best boxers in the world. This at a time when the heavy weight division ranked supreme.

Joe Bugner was ranked just behind Ali , Frazier and Foreman. Not bad company to keep.

 Smoking Joe Frazier rated Joe Bugner in the three  best boxers he ever faced.

bugner_vs_frazierIn 1975 he lost the world heavy weight championship to Ali and retired. Relocating to Beverley Hills. Three years later he successfully returned to top-level boxing and later moved to Australia. Where he earned the nickname “Aussie Joe” and having surprised many of his critics with a very successful comeback. He went onto challenge Frank Bruno in the UK. 1987. The loss that followed he retired once more.

His final comeback culminated in a 1998 world heavy weight championship win at the age of 48, a victory against the odds.

Joe Bugner My Story is a about a far more than boxing, It is a story of a refugee looking for a true home; of fame gained, lost and reclaimed. Of family and turbulent love;of reputation, pride and regret. Told in his own words to writer Stuart Mullins. Bunger’s tale is a gripping account of one man’s lifelong search for glory.


  • Joe Bugner held the under 14s 15s and 16s Great Britain Schoolboys discus record. The under 16s record was unbroken for 30 years. He was asked to join the Olympic squad.He chose boxing and  turned professional at the ripe old age of 17.
  • bugner_vs_aliSmokin Joe Frazier rated Joe Bugner the 3 best boxers he ever faced ( Ali ,Foreman and Bugner ) Not bad company to keep.
  • At the age of 21 years and 2 days he became the youngest ever boxer to hold a heavy weight title The British European and Commonwealth Heavy Weight title.Winning against the odds to Henry Cooper.
  • He is the only boxer ever to go the distance twice with the “Greatest” : Muhammed Ali .Frasier didn’t ; Foreman couldn’t.
  • He was the oldest boxer to ever hold the world heavy weight title at 48 years of age.
  • He made 27 movies 3 winning the European equivalent to the Golden Globes

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